Organic Lifestyle and HomeBirth

While living a organic and health conscience lifestyle one may prefer giving birth at home rather than in a hospital. To some being surrounded by tubes and rushing doctors sounds like a stressful environment to give birth in. If you are over the age of 45 and are giving birth the risks with your pregnancy are higher so remain open to the idea of going to the hospital if an emergency arises. Although, there is no real reason why one - even at this age - is not capable of a home birth if done properly.

Home Birth with a Caring Husband

At the end of the day we all want to give birth to a healthy baby and there is no shame in ending up at the hospital even if that wasn't the plan. But if you can have your child at home - first obtain a midwife. Then you have options of a bed or bath birth among other different positions. It is possible to have your child at home. Many women these days do not event think twice about the location of where their child will be born and head straight to the hospital.

Statistics show that with in the last five years home births have only had a twenty four percent increase. This number equals out to only thirty thousand women, which is small in comparison to the number of people living in the United States alone.

More statistics show that hospital births tend to be more painful rather than home births. This is due to the limited mobility that the mother has during child labor. Also, more woman in hospitals end up choosing epidurals even if that was not the intended plan as it is pushed by the doctors and nurses. Lastly, even the chance of having a C section is increased by ten percent when birthing in a hospital.

Home Birth

Trauma research has shown that babies born at hospitals are born into more stressful environments and could end up leading a more stressful life. The research also suggests that we should not immediately stop the baby from crying once its born and instead let it cry out the stress from birth. Birthing is a stressful experience for the mother as well as the child. It is possible to have a less stressful birth for your baby if you give birth at home. This way you can let your child complete his or her crying process after birth with no pressure to quite him or her down. At home births are more on your terms.

If you think about it our society has come pretty far without having to birth children in hospitals. And think about how much more relaxed you could feel giving birth in your own home. You have the option of even giving birth over the toilet which is never done in the hospital. If you could save yours and your child’s stress levels would you? Don’t forget about bacteria found all over hospitals. If you tear during pregnancy your chance rises of catching a hospital borne infection. This will lead to having to consume antibiotics which are less then ideal to go into your new borns breast milk supply. Yes, there are risks to all pregnancies but they are still in the end-ifs-and what if you have a great midwife right along side you. You can feel confident in a home birth.

There are a good number of women who have their child born in a hospital due to financial obligations. A little known fact is that now more then half of Insurance providers will cover half to all of your midwife’s costs. You do usually have to pay first and then your insurance company reimburses you but you could end up having full coverage. If you do the math ultimately having a home birth will cost much less then having a hospital birth. Do the math and contemplate which option is right for you. I live in California, Orange County. I found this wonderful midwife Melissa. Please talk to her if you plan home birth in Orange County.

This is the beginning to your story with your child and you should be able to write it however you want. Welcoming your child into this world will be blissful. The scenery of your child's birth will ultimately not matter as birth is truly a wonderful miracle in itself.