Tips for Easy Online Ordering with a Smartphone

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A technology much like the Google glasses is being used to help research why consumers choose to make the purchases they do. These sensors are attached over your eyes and connect all the way to the back of your head. They can track how long you look at an item and how your pupil dilates. These indicators can determine your particular level of interest in any given product. The connection on your skull is an EEG. These electrodes monitor your electric flow and cognitive load which is how much brain power it is taking you to fully understand a concept.

A camera connected to the very back of your head also records your arousal and emotional level along with your heart rate. All of these elements connected are the reason you feel an urge to purchase a product. It is said who ever figures out what makes a person decide to purchase a said particular item will be a very wealthy person. The burning question remains why does a consumer decided to buy? The scientists are seeking to measure what happens during that quick moment you take to decide which product appeals to you most.

The most puzzling issue is why are internet sales rising to the billions but only one third of those sales made from a mobile smartphone. It does not make sense when over half of online traffic comes from smartphones. There is something not adding up. The research shows that people are browsing on their smartphones for different shopping options but they are not pulling the trigger on the sale. One point a survey made is that the smartphones screens are entirely too small to truly see what you are purchasing and the information tends to show up unclear.

Another point that was made is that consumers are afraid to pay using their credit cards over the phone for security issues. Tablets and laptops show at least a third higher percentage of online sales than smartphones. The only exception to this research has been Amazon. They are key elements to Amazon. First off, all of the customer's information to pay is saved into their account which makes check out quick and easy. Their app also includes barcode scanners which instantly lets you compare prices to any given item. eBay made it super easy to find organic produce at their website. And with eBay coupon codes it makes a super attractive deal. For example, you can get 20% off any item if you apply an eBay coupon code at checkout.

Age doesn't seem to play a factor either as millennials and seniors alike seem to have the same results on a smartphone. In short everyone is stimulated the same but constantly choose to not purchase on a smartphone. The fact of the matter is that the consumers are shopping on the smartphone but they are not buying. Who will solve the riddle of the consumer vs. the smartphone?