What Do You Think About Groceries - Target is Asking

Two Servings of Strawberries

Target is beginning to conduct experiments to make your grocery buying experience more efficient. They want to know what you want when it comes to price, ingredients, and availability. Select Target stores are conducting research experiments to find out exactly what the consumer needs by partnering with MIT media and IDEO design company. They want to build upon their already growing market which is accounting for about one fourth of their sales.

Target's first experiment was to drop prices on older items. They put two displays of strawberries back to back. One display held a sign that had a date stating the strawberries were from a week prior and had a fifty cent price decrease. The other display held a sign that stated the strawberries had arrived that day and were priced according. Then Target asked each customer after they picked their package of strawberries what made them chose that particular bundle. There were many different responses. Target used to be criticized for having older dates on their items and they want to avoid this in future sales.

Each customer explained a different reasoning for their choice in strawberries. One woman stated that she picked her bundled strictly because the price was lower. Another stated that she knew the strawberries had more time to ripen and she knew they would be sweeter so she chose the older, lower priced strawberries. On the contrary to this the last woman exclaimed she knew the strawberries would spoil in just a few days because they were older so, she needed to buy the fresh strawberries at a higher price.

Next Target began placing their products labeling on the front of each product instead of the back. The change in placement is because Target wants their products to be highly transparent. They do not want to hide that some of their food contains unhealthy ingredients to be up front with their customers. This way their customer can make a quick and educated decision about the food and products that they are purchasing. This also included an experimental transparency scale where customers can place their food items. This scale measures the foods freshness, how much GMO the food contains, how their animals are treated, what preservatives it contains, and how it was produced. This scale has many answers to questions that consumers are beginning to have concerns for. Supertarget and Target have the lowest prices on organic items, sometimes their prices are even lower than on Amazon. Target often has grocery coupons through their magazine or your local Sunday newspaper. So when you shop for organic produce, always use Target coupons.

All of their experiments are still in beta testing and unknown if each will make it in store. They are not sure if these ideas will be popular enough to their consumers for investment. Or if they need to create a tech application to be more efficient. What Target is sure of is that their groceries are a big money maker and they are willing to invest in order to raise profitable income. For now Target is gathering as much knowledgeable feedback from their customers as possible.